Candid master craftsmen have their traditional spot on the market; after all, they craft the items which ease toil and trouble, not just for townsfolk but also for the farmers of the area. The blacksmith’s hammering can be heard ringing loudly across the square as he forges the indispensable nails; many a knife sharp as the tongue of a shrew is the result of his endeavour. The quarryman chisels idols for the Heathens, the rope maker crafts hammock and fishing nets. The broom-maker, basket weaver and many others display their skills day in, day out.

  • The broom-maker
  • The toy maker
  • The turner
  • The basket weaver
  • The spoon carver
  • The belt maker
  • The blacksmith
  • The rope maker
  • The silversmith
  • The baker
  • The quarryman
  • The pewterer
  • The goldsmith
  • The tailor
  • The weaver

and many more peddlers…


merchants on the Medieval Market

What would a market be without merchants? Eating and drinking at such a spectacle is just as essential today as it was in the Middle Ages
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entertain- ment on the Medieval Market

Every day at 11am, the market reeve commences the exuberant hustle and bustle – accompanied by the musici
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