What would a market be without merchants? Eating and drinking at such a spectacle is just as essential today as it was in the Middle Ages. And thus, much noble fare and many fine beverages are on offer. Come and be astonished: Mead, wine and Turkish mocha, are well known, but perhaps one or two of the dishes will surprise you…


However, your physical well-being is also provided for by the beekeeper, herb woman and many others. The renaissance of a time long forgotten! The herb woman

  • The falafel fryer
  • The fishmonger
  • The charlatan
  • The horn merchant
  • The rice fryer 
  • The Indian Traders 
  • The tavern keeper
  • The Spaetzle chef
  • The clay flute maker
  • The palmist
  • The vintner
  • The jewellery trader
  • The pita baker
  • The mocha chefs

and many more merchants..



peddlers on the Medieval Market

Candid master craftsmen have their traditional spot on the market; after all, they craft the items which ease toil and trouble, not just for townsfolk but also for the farmers of the area
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entertain- ment on the Medieval Market

Every day at 11am, the market reeve commences the exuberant hustle and bustle – accompanied by the musici
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