Medievel Market


Travel back to the middle ages

On the stroke of the first Saturday in advent, the vagrants are arriving in Siegburg: Medieval master craftsmen, merchants and minstrels will put up their tents and stalls, display their wares and enchant the city at the foot of the Michaelsberg with their exuberant hustle and bustle. With approx. 50 market stalls, craftsmanships are revived which are nowadays seldom practised, or, in some cases, have even completely vanished. For over a decade, this spectacle has been a Siegburg tradition – the genuine market is an integral part of city life during advent. All this takes place without electricity and artificial light – an atmospheric image at the heart of Siegburg’s historic setting. Why not combine your visit with a romantic weekend for two, or invite your employees to a medieval company excursion? A day out with the family would doubtless be an unforgettable experience – in addition to providing the ideal opportunity to compliment your Christmas shopping, as the merchants and peddlers from afar offer all manner of wares: Spices and exotic delicacies from the Orient, elegant robes from Flanders, woodcrafts from Germany – and much more…


Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the tourist information center staff should you have any queries. Whether you require information regarding sightseeing programmes, arranging accommodation or the dates of cultural events – here you will find details and tips. Several hotels also offer special value package deals around the medieval spectacle. Every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm, guided tours exploring the city take place – and of course, here, the market plays a key role. Alternatively, enquire about our group programmes – we will be delighted to help you.


merchants on the Medieval Market

What would a market be without merchants? Eating and drinking at such a spectacle is just as essential today as it was in the Middle Ages
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peddlers on the Medieval Market

Candid master craftsmen have their traditional spot on the market; after all, they craft the items which ease toil and trouble, not just for townsfolk but also for the farmers of the area
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entertain- ment on the Medieval Market

Every day at 11am, the market reeve commences the exuberant hustle and bustle – accompanied by the musici
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